Tina Marie is regarded as one of America's favorite Master Hypnotists. Her dynamic personality, confidence, and charisma captivates audiences of all ages. Having performed thousands of shows as a headline performer since 2001 she has shared stages with some of the top names in music and comedy.  

Advanced knowledge in the field of hypnosis, and gifted with natural talent. Tina Marie excels in her ability to intuitively read a crowd. She creates outrageous fun that leaves positive lasting memories with her loyal fans year after year.
A native Texan, she is a former model, actress, and motivational speaker and life coach.
These attributes make her performances extremely powerful and have contributed to the success of her career.   
Tina Marie's show performances include Fairs, Corporate Events, High School Grad Nights & Colleges, Public and Private Affairs.  Her Comedy Hypnosis shows average 60 minutes in length depending on the desires of the client. Shows consist of situation comedy, singing, dancing and impersonating such superstars as Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, Elvis Presley and many others. 

Tina Marie's ability to orchestrate a multitude of different comical scenarios simultaneously keeps audiences roaring for more! Imagine the volunteers believing they are world class ballet dancers.

Through post-hypnotic suggestions, she commands the winner of a million dollar lottery to jump up out of their seat screaming "I won, I won" or an impression of Richard Simmons conducting a group exercise class.  Whatever the skit, the antics are hilarious! Totally fascinating and thoroughly entertaining. It's something you'll experience with Tina Marie's Comedy Hypnosis Shows!  
A Personal Note from Tina Marie:

"As I reflect on my own accomplishments, I feel I can help others better themselves through hypnosis. That's why I created my own series of personal development, self-help CDs designed to address issues where people desire to improve in their lives. With my guidance and their dedication, great results will be achieved with Losing Weight, Stop Smoking Now, Perfect Memory, Relaxation, Self-Confidence and Creating Success.

I am grateful for all the life paths I have come across. I appreciate people that have an open mind and challenge themselves to get to a better place within their own being. For that which we feel internally is reflected externally. I am passionate in everything I do from entertaining to helping people help themselves achieve greatness." 
Believe it before you see it!
Tina Marie