I first became intrigued by how the mind works 30 years ago. I was fascinated by peoples attitudes and how they responded to different situations compared to myself.  Those who were successful to those who did not know where to start.

I began learning everything from posture to facial expressions, eye contact, how they positioned themselves to their choice of words, which indicated their being optimistic or pessimistic to finding out that they could change the way they felt by changing the thought patterns they used.

Always having an open mind, I was hypnotized in the early 80's at Spellbinders Comedy Club in Houston, TX. Since than I realized how powerful the mind is. 

This was as if it was meant for me to segue into becoming a Stage Hypnotist. I love making people laugh and seeing them having a great time! It is my passion to help people realize their greatest potential and elevate them to bring out the best in themselves.


This profession is very fulfilling and I am very passionate about helping people achieve their desired dreams through the power of hypnosis. 

Master Hypnotist Tina Marie

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